Mismatched Pillows!


Nothing brightens up a bed like a pile of gorgeous pillows! Mismatched pillows, especially with a central focal point like the one above, are the perfect way to add style and flavor to any bed or sofa. Here are our picks for this lovely trend.



Shades of red give depth and harmony to this pale yellow couch, while the different patterns of the pillows offer an exotic feel. This is a most effective use of blending textures and patterns, as stripes, solids and florals all combine together beautifully. Various red objects throughout the room serve to add more balance and accent the pillows perfectly.



For something a little more neutral, we just love this sofa and pillow combination. The geometric pattern of the area rug mimics one of the pillows, anchoring the space. We love that the pillows are just bold enough to add visual interest to the room, without overpowering the deliciously simple gray couch. We also love the way the hue of the simple window treatments compliments all of the pillows effortlessly.


Form Interiors by Erika Bierman Photography

Now for something fabulous! We are tickled pink by this gorgeous bedroom and luscious wallpaper, but the bed wouldn’t be complete without satin and velvet pillows to add even more sensuality to the space! The details on the pillows just add to their appeal, and we can’t get over the designer’s boldness of throwing in some animal print pillows for even more pizazz. Even the browns and silvers of the solid pillows add complexity to the room, drawing out the depth of the painting above the bed.



Now this one suits us just perfectly. Such an artsy high-end look for a living room! Contrasting patterns capture the eye of any beholder, and turn the couch into a work of art. The daring abstract paintings behind the couch only add to the overall feel of the space as modern, fun, and full of energy. The table lamps help to offset some of the volume of the pillows and lend themselves well to balance. We love how in spite of all the different patterns of the pillows, the size of them create a pleasing sense of balance on this sofa.

Not Just July: Red, White and Blue Rooms

Here’s the latest post I wrote for designers at Beginning to End Interiors featuring our patriotic palette seen in a new light – all year round. Enjoy the inspiration!

B2End Interiors



Think Red, White and Blue is reserved for the 4th and only the 4th? Think again! Here we bring you a few rooms from Elle Décor showing off the timelessness of a holiday color combo…

The room above is a Manhattan apartment that shows the high-end side of your favorite summer colors. With a deep blue and sparing red, we show just how classy our country’s colors can be when used with the eye of a designer.



Here we see how a patriotic palette on our artwork can create a room with incredible style. This New York home features a painting by Jean Dubuffet and spices up the space by adding just enough red, white and blue to really make the room pop. We love this take on America’s colors.


For a look with a better blend factor, try this space with red, white and blue sprinkled in…

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Wallpaper as Art

Here’s the latest post I wrote for Beginning to End Interiors, featuring beautiful wallpaper selections that can function as artwork in your home. Enjoy the inspiration!

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Ready for something adventurous on your walls? Try wallpaper with a kick. We love to see the trend of using wallpaper in creative ways to act as art within the space. The image above takes a beautiful peacock pattern and creates a dramatic space that is amplified by the simplicity of the furniture, ensuring that there isn’t too much going on. There’s no need for wall art with this wallpaper.

Wallpaper Crimson Lotus by Walnut Wallpaper

If you love the look of artistic wallpaper, check out Walnut Wallpaper to get inspired. With the help of a designer at Beginning to End Interiors, we can develop a whole room around your chosen paper for a space that has continuity and grace. We love this Crimson Lotus paper by Walnut Wallpaper and so many of their other selections as well.


One of our favorite ways to use wallpaper is in the…

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Summer Bouquets!

Feeling fresh? Here’s the latest post for designers at Beginning to End Interiors, featuring bouquets full of the bounty of summer. Enjoy the inspiration!

B2End Interiors

Summertime means green and flowers everywhere!

Here are our picks for beautiful summer bouquets from the garden and beyond.


Raiding the Garden

This season we are seeing loads of vegetables find their way to the table as a centerpiece. Whether a bouquet or strewn around a candle, veggies give a fresh look that’s hard to beat. We love seeing so many colors! Enjoy the bounty of Mother Earth with a vegetable gathering that will make anyone hungry.


Simple Pleasures

For a simple look, try using an old bucket as a base for freshly picked flowers from the yard. This hand-picked bouquet gives us a sense of the nostalgia from childhood and decorates the space with a little country charm. The color combination is inviting but not overly bold and we feel drawn to the quaint porch of a beckoning summer.


Fun with Singles

Not feeling a big bouquet? Try…

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Before They Were Trendy: Bold Blue Walls

Another great post on bold blue walls, before they were trendy! Here’s one I did for designer Starr Miller, featuring her own fabulous interior design work. Enjoy the inspiration! BW1

This year we are seeing bold blue walls everywhere, and they remind us of a beautiful project we did a few years ago. Bold blues add instant depth to a room and really make lighter colors pop, whether soft treatments or lighting. We love to see this trend taking center stage this year….


Here’s another shot from the same room showing off the blue wall trend before it was big. We have platinum furnishings to give the space a sharp contrast. The artwork gives depth of texture and a sense of provenance to the space. The contemporary pillows and fabric on the chairs bring a touch of contemporary to the traditional forms.



Here’s a triple-dose of blue, with blue furniture, blue artwork and blue walls! Again we see beiges and neutrals sprinkled throughout the room to offer some contrast. The mismatched pillows are another hot trend and look great paired against the velvety deep water blue of the sofa. The walls themselves are luxurious, deep and dark, with bookshelves painted to match. We love the distinct feel of this room created by the cocoon of blue.


Another great way to use the bold blue trend is to use another primary color in the artwork. Yellow pops against the dark blue hue, creating a beautiful focal point for the wall. The simplicity of the art lends itself well to the intensity of the paint, and the blue sofa just adds even more depth. We love to see the mismatched pillows again, and are thankful for some more color and complexity against the bold blue.


Time to Work: Best of Masculine Home Offices

Bring new meaning to the phrase “housework” with these gorgeous home offices! With more and more people telecommuting, check out this article I wrote about masculine home offices. Next up, beautiful home offices for women!

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Who says you can’t work in style? These masculine home offices bring drama and high function to the business world, while bringing new meaning to the phrase “housework.” Here are our picks for gorgeous home offices for the man who’s got it all.

www.imactoy.com http://www.imactoy.com

This beautiful home office brings the magic of myth with an Egyptian Sphinx lamp and a classical sculpture of men in battle. The gorgeously sensual chair with sun detail also adds much visual interest to the room. With artwork throughout, the owner of the office is never short on inspiration, making this office a favorite of ours for “most creativity-inducing.”


This masculine office wins out for most “visual interest.” With sleek built-in bookshelves carrying loads of colorful books, the contrast created by the calming, grayscale ocean image is astounding. Bravo, designers, bravo. The multi-armed lamp adds much needed height to the desk-space, and compliments the…

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